Rope Grown Collection

Being brought up by the seashore has given me an understanding of the ocean, how powerful it can be and what it provides for us.

Holding over a million baby oysters in my hand at a local Mussel and Oyster farm in Cumbria, I had the chance to see how these creatures are breed for the mass market in France. It seems such a shame that the majority of these tasty treats go abroad to feed other nations.

The work which I have created for my new collection titled ‘Rope Grown’ is influenced by the fishing trade and the impact it has on our environment. Seeing mussels and oysters being grown on coconut handmade rope gave me the inspiration to create this body of work to make people aware of this sustainable way of sea fishing. The texture of the oyster shell is unique, robust and in some species they may even produce beautiful pearls.

Looking at these unique shells and studying the inside and outside patterns became the inspiration for my glass cutting and engraving. Using less engraving then my previous work I have taken on board the simplicity of nature and has understood the form and shapes that they provide.

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