Cumbria Crystal

Having relocated back to Cumbria Heather still works in the traditional manner as glass engravers once did in the 16th Century having her copper wheel engraving machine in her home. When larger cuts are required Heather uses the machinery at Cumbria Crystal which carry large diamond and stone wheels within the factory to create the basis for her work.

"Working in a factory atmosphere excites me as a glass artist, mainly because there are few glass factories left in the UK and I feel very privileged to be making my work within their workshop. Glass making as a craft needs to be valued once again to recognise the potential of craft makers who work at Cumbria Crystal and the unique skill they hold in their practice. The factory tour which they provide to the public gives them an exciting insight into how glass is made, from the initial design stage, to the blown objects, then to the finishing of precise diamond and stone cutting."